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Eggs and flour on table

A Full Spectrum of Treats!

Our bars offer a variety of flavors and textures. Our German Chocolate Bar has a unique texture and flavor. It consists of coconut, chocolate chips, and nuts which make it somewhat similar to a trail mix. The Zebra Bars and the Brownie are all different types and flavors of brownies; the Brownie is a classic, fudgy brownie with crunchy nuts on top, while the Zebra Bars feature a flavored cream cheese top which make them very unique and unusual. The Date and Raspberry bars are made with real fruit surrounded by an amazing oat, crunch mixture making them similar to a fruit bar. 

If you have a sweet tooth, the German Chocolate Bar or Zebra Bars are a great choice!

If you prefer a tamer bar with a hearty, wholesome flavor try out the Date, Raspberry or Brownie!

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