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Red Door Bakery Fall Display

Red Door Bakery’s life began in 1993, when Denise Mangan purchased the Marshfield Café in Marshfield Vermont, in the old grist mill. While the location worked well during the summer, it was a struggle during the bakery’s two winter seasons there. After experiencing both lack of growth and rising rents for those two years, Denise moved out of the mill and into a house where the basement was renovated into a small commercial kitchen. The café was then renamed the Marshfield Bakery and Café.
In 1996, Denise’s son, David Mangan began growing the bakery and café into what it is today. He notes, “Throughout the next three years of growth, the bakery quickly outgrew the café and by 1999 we stopped being a café and became the Red Door Bakery LLC, a wholesale bakery that made and delivered pies and sandwich breads throughout central Vermont.”
In 2007, expansion continued when the company seized an opportunity to purchase the Halleluia Bakers, of Walden Vermont, and add their cookies and bars to the product line. “From 2008 to present day, the Bakery has seen steady growth,” David says.
Today, Red Door Bakery LLC sells and delivers pies, cookies, bars, granolas and breads, to Food Co-ops, local independent Co-ops, local Hannafords, locally owed AG stores, and Maplefields convenience stores in towns and villages across the state. They have also remained strictly a family business, hiring from family only.     
“When Mom started in the Café back in 1993, she emphasized good old fashioned home cooking with good old fashioned ingredients, from scratch, with no preservatives or additives, but still affordably priced,” David says. “Though mom has passed on into her eternal rest, her spirit is still carried on in the bakery. Red Door Bakery strives to abide by her standards and therefore we use no ingredients containing GMO and purchase as many ingredients as possible from local businesses. We are extremely grateful to our many faithful customers and hope to serve you for many years to come.”            

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